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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
I have corrected several people on this.

Once again, European market is completely independent of US and Canadian market and has no impact on pricing elsewhere. An M3 in Europe costs close to 90,000 Euros. Does it cost $150,000 here? Clearly no!

Short answer is, Lexus has officially revealed in US it will cost $350,000 and around $380,000 in Canada. They will only be offering two year leases in Canada and US with a buyout option at the end of the 2 years in order to avoid people buying to sell it.
Yes for sure this is the case. Although prices in the USA are quoted with out taxes (that are relatively minimal) while in Europe and other countries prices are quoted all tax included. Still, $350 to $400 for a Lexus, even this one?? I donŽt know. Sure some crazy rich people will buy it, but I doubt it will sell well. Somewhat like the Buggati or SLR but those at least have the name etc... Remember, it is said sometimes that LFA stands for LFAnt and its white too! haha! IŽll be positively surprised if it ever does sell well, best of luck to Toyota.