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Originally Posted by e36jakeo View Post
2:03.76 (TTC track record ) was the running the bypass.

I cannot believe how fast you get your Elise around a big HP track like T-hill! The mags (Car and Driver, I think) tested the Elise vs. the S2000 and it was only 1 second faster than the S2K around Ginerman (I think). I think they did not know how to drive the Elise like you do:rocks:
2:03 is a really good time for an E36 M3. Most of the people I know that drive similar cars are stuck in the 2:07+ range.

The Elise is a hard car to drive fast at the track. You cannot slow down or bleed much speed since it takes a long time to get going again. It also doesn't really like the super smooth driving style that most cars reward. It took me a while to adjust after leaving the M3.

Here is a good lap in the Elise at Laguna. Ok good up to T11, read comments below the video as to what happened:

Full session on google, lower quality, including a battle with Z06

Same track in the M3 from a while back. Wasn't as agressve back then. The M3 was on fairly stiff springs 525/600, stock drivetrain, PSCs on stock wheels.

Notice the drastic diffrence in the steering wheel inputs. The M3 rewards smooth, gentle inputs while the lighter car can be tossed around a lot more.
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