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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Thanks for the comment on the driving. I have a Race technology DL-1 dataloger I use to capture the telemetry and then I use software from to overlay it onto the video.

That was the first day I drove on an aftermarket suspension and I was having some issues. It was a bit of a dial in day. The car stock, on OEM tires would probably max out around 2:05 bypass / 2:07 Cyclone. I had/have RA-1s on my car which are worth about 1s over the OEM Yoko 048s.

After sorting the suspension issues I have picked up quite a bit of time there. The datalogger is showing a best of sectors as 2:01 for the bypass now though I have yet to put that together in one lap.

Which config was the 2:03? I know NASA usually run the bypass.

I also have some video of Laguna Seca in the SMG M3 and Elise that makes a nice comparison of how easy to drive and stable the BMW is compared to the lightweight car if anyone is interested.

The one time I tried to hammer the M3 around thunderhill I set the brakes on fire ending my day early. So I don't have any good video from it there, just stuff from when I was learning the track.
2:03.76 (TTC track record ) was the running the bypass.

I cannot believe how fast you get your Elise around a big HP track like T-hill! The mags (Car and Driver, I think) tested the Elise vs. the S2000 and it was only 1 second faster than the S2K around Ginerman (I think). I think they did not know how to drive the Elise like you do:rocks:

In a straight line a think your Elise is quicker than my M3 at slow speeds, even at 60-80 MPH, and then I'd pull on you due to the extra HP. Cornering your Elise will simply cream the M3.

Send along some more video from laguna!

Come to Laguna this Sunday -- we will be trying out our new GPS-based data logger, and my buddy (with the black F430) will be bringing his new grey F430 w/ F1 trans.)