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Originally Posted by zivagolee View Post
Yes, you can. Pretty easy. It takes about a cpl of weeks to get a handle on it. One trick is to slightly lift after shifting.

I also have the bigger brake pedal (GSP pedal) and it allows for easier left foot braking. This also helps the jerking..
Agreed. It is easy to shift smoothly with SMG in manual mode by simply letting off slightly at each shift. It takes more time to learn to do this in auto mode because you must learn to anticipate when the gearbox will shift.

By the way, I have read that the SMG trannys in the non-M cars are made by an outside supplier (ZF, I think), whereas the SMG units in M cars were developed in-house. There is a huge difference in overall usability between the M SMG box and the 'box used in non-M cars.