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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
I drove an SMG-equipped 650i once, and did not like the SMG. My time in it was very brief however. The impression I came away with was "if I'm going to jerk my passengers heads around like that, I might as well be shifting myself."

However, I really want to get SMG on the M3. What I REALLY want to know from current SMG owners is this: Can you develop a technique for smoothing out the shifts with SMG? i.e. lift off the throttle a bit before the shift? I know I can shift a manual myself perfectly smooth, without any jerking. It's just a matter of speed with my hand and correct timing with the pedals. At least it's possible.

Is it possible to get a perfectly smooth, seamless, almost "automatic-like" shift with SMG? And what does that require?

Thank you.
Yes, you can. Pretty easy. It takes about a cpl of weeks to get a handle on it. One trick is to slightly lift after shifting.

I also have the bigger brake pedal (GSP pedal) and it allows for easier left foot braking. This also helps the jerking..