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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
+95 HP on an strung out NA motor from just software? You can rarely get that with a FI motor and software. Who's selling you this BS?
Exactly. Even if attainable-through other means, that much hp would certainly be cost prohibitive for the average owner.

I love the E46 M3 and it certainly faired very well against Audi's flagship. But, remember that the Audi IS pushing/losing that power through all four wheels. One of Audi's biggest issues is that they can not seem to get their sport sedans down to a respectable weight.

It takes a LOT of a disparity in HP to gain a little distance in a drag race. I'd say that the RS4 did a really good job spanking the M. You can place some of the blame on a poor launch, but the RS4 clearly walks away from the the M as the speed increases, illustrating the RS4's big HP advantage.

Don't get me wrong, I am a BMW fan, but kudos to Audi. Now if they can reduce the weight and the price a little, BMW M Division might be losing some sales.