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Originally Posted by e36jakeo View Post
2:04s? In a stock Elise with race rubber? What kind of tires you running? I put down 2:03s in a 3100 lb M3 with 270 crank HP, suspension, and RA1s.

Impressive driving, Enigma!! And great vid! How did you get the g-meter and speedo ON the video. That is SO COOL!
Thanks for the comment on the driving. I have a Race technology DL-1 dataloger I use to capture the telemetry and then I use software from to overlay it onto the video.

That was the first day I drove on an aftermarket suspension and I was having some issues. It was a bit of a dial in day. The car stock, on OEM tires would probably max out around 2:05 bypass / 2:07 Cyclone. I had/have RA-1s on my car which are worth about 1s over the OEM Yoko 048s.

After sorting the suspension issues I have picked up quite a bit of time there. The datalogger is showing a best of sectors as 2:01 for the bypass now though I have yet to put that together in one lap.

Which config was the 2:03? I know NASA usually run the bypass.

I also have some video of Laguna Seca in the SMG M3 and Elise that makes a nice comparison of how easy to drive and stable the BMW is compared to the lightweight car if anyone is interested.

The one time I tried to hammer the M3 around thunderhill I set the brakes on fire ending my day early. So I don't have any good video from it there, just stuff from when I was learning the track.
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