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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
I am sure this is one of the students driving and not you. Its the only Ferrari I remember catching on video that day. There were quite a few there.

My best laps 2:04 were earlier in the day. The extra HP of the ferrari would just kill me out of T15 but the lighter weight and better tires would make most of it right back up in T2.
I have to admit I never got times, I was just chasing you down the back straight and making up ground and then I think we hit the checkered. I was in the red F430 -- that was my buddy in the black one. The one I was driving had street tires, the black one had RA1s and I was easily outrunning the black one.

2:04s? In a stock Elise with race rubber? What kind of tires you running? I put down 2:03s in a 3100 lb M3 with 270 crank HP, suspension, and RA1s.

Impressive driving, Enigma!! And great vid! How did you get the g-meter and speedo ON the video. That is SO COOL!