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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I highly doubt that the E90 M will weigh anywhere near 3750 lbs. Although the Z06 is a great value, it's just to barbaric and cheaply made for me. Just because it's fast doesn't make it good. it is fast though, so is a Dodge Viper; why not include that?

I drove the 335i and thought it was a very nice car. It did nothing to excite me as a sports car should. It would be a fantastic daily driver. The E46 M may be a little slower around certain tracks with the right pro driver but, I'm sure in reality, it's a toss up. As far as feedback, the E46 runs circles around the 335 (imo), which made/makes it so much fun. I didn't get that with the 335i.

I would guess that the E90 will come in at $62-$63K well optioned. An equally equipped 335i is all of $48k. I'm sure the new M will be more than worth the extra $15k.
A well-optioned E46 M3 is in the high $50Ks, so I think $65K or more for a well-optioned E92 M3. But here's hopin'!

You can say what you want about the Z06's interior (a bit low rent) but it is hard to argue with the technology they put into that car (carbon fiber fenders, balsa wood floors, aluminum frame, dry-sump oil, HUGE brakes and calipers) to get it to be the svelt 3130 lb, 505 HP beast that it is. You might want to drive one before you rule it out . . .

re. the Viper, IMHO, the Z06 is so much better for so much less $$.

The 335i with an aftermarket limit slip diff, XEDE reflash (380 crank HP, 400+ lb/ft torque) and aftermarket coil over suspension (total cost = $6K) will probably keep up with the E92 M3 on the track and anywhere else. The suspension will make it have a very similar feel to the M3 and perhaps better handling (depending on how well set up the suspension is). Total cost for a well-equipped 335i with these mods = $51K.

I will not pull the 335i trigger until I get to see just how awesome the E92 M3 is (and to allow for some aftermarket parts develp. for the 335i), but it better be damn good to justify the extra $10K or more.