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Originally Posted by mafreemn View Post
Its interesting to see all the M3 guys comment on the new 335; it just shows how much of a great car the 335 is. Before this car, the regular 3 series was well behind the competition in terms of striaght line performance. BMW now actually sells a performance car that is somewhat of a value. M3 Coupe's price will probably be north of 60k with the V8. The car will probably weigh 250 pounds more than the 335 (3750 lbs I am guessing). Assuming the 335 gets a decent sport suspension package later, it becomes a tough choice. The 335 will be more balanced and lighter. You never really can tune one of these M motors without spending serious money and worrying about reliability. Now the 335 can be tuned very easily. BMW builds great engines and now it can actually be exploited. M guys will go for the M3 and I think the 335 will attract new people into BMW show rooms. The new crowd will love the torque of that turbo car, love it at the pump, and love the value. The M car will be great, but the 335 is the better choice in my opinion. If you are in that 60-70k range, go buy a Z06........torque, V8 and light weight........and will run circles around most anything......
I highly doubt that the E90 M will weigh anywhere near 3750 lbs. Although the Z06 is a great value, it's just to barbaric and cheaply made for me. Just because it's fast doesn't make it good. it is fast though, so is a Dodge Viper; why not include that?

I drove the 335i and thought it was a very nice car. It did nothing to excite me as a sports car should. It would be a fantastic daily driver. The E46 M may be a little slower around certain tracks with the right pro driver but, I'm sure in reality, it's a toss up. As far as feedback, the E46 runs circles around the 335 (imo), which made/makes it so much fun. I didn't get that with the 335i.

I would guess that the E90 will come in at $62-$63K well optioned. An equally equipped 335i is all of $48k. I'm sure the new M will be more than worth the extra $15k.