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Originally Posted by e36jakeo View Post
The satisfaction of driving is not just about how fast you can go, but the achievement of attaning those speeds (both in corners and in a straight line). Those who defend SMG as the best choice have never performed a perfectly executed heel-toe downshift (and probably don't even know what that is).

One additional point in favor of the manual is the fact you can launch the car however you want (high RPM burnout, low RPM smooth takeoff, etc). The SMG chooses for you, and this takes away a good degree of the control (and fun!) of driving.

No one can argue that SMG is not faster around a track, since you can concentrate on braking, cornering, etc., but as you lap 1 second faster you are having less fun than the guy rowing his own gears.

It's a pity BMW may have dumbed down the M5's manual 6-speed.

Now I have finally found someone who is intelligent and not full of themselves. You should all listen to this individual, you might learn a thing or two! My props go out to you!