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Like others have said, I don't believe that BMW will price it any higher than $60K something. If it is any higher and/or doesn't run to 60mph in 4.5 or less and to 100 mph in less than 11 seconds, I am staying with Porsche.

Part of the reason I am undecided whether or not to go with the face-lifted 997 S is because the almighty M should run with it for less money and have a better resale. If it doesn't, I'd rather LOSE my money with a 911.

I don't care what type of car it is, if it's over $70k (+/-), Ferrari 430 excluded, of course, the resale will start to suffer. Too much stiff competition and too narrow of a market for resale.

It should speak volumes to BMW, that having had the fortunate opportunity to own a 997 S and 997 turbo, that I am considering getting another M3. Only if they do it right!

For the performance, value and resale, it should be on the top of a short list. I really hope BMW and Bangle don't screw this one up!