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Hi people just wanna say hi and shed sum light on the above article..... I myself work for a BMW Here in the UK and can confirm with you that the car pictured is a 335i that has been photoshoped.

Here are your clues.

The car is pictured with a Chrome window surround..... M3 will have a Black or high gloss shadow line.

The front fenders are not flared

Bonnet buldge not consistent in all pics.

Wheels in motion - not showing proper M Wheels

No M Sport seats in cabin.

All 4 Tail pipes are too large and look disperportioned with Mules etc. plus no clear view of front bumper .

Absence of true front fender vent, the one pictured copied off an m6.

So i say to you all dont take to much intrest in what you see here cause its probably going look very different.