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I like getting the latest technology and gadgets in a car AS LONG AS:

1- It is simple to use
2- It does not detract from the driving experience or make the car feel "artificial"
3- The electronics DO NOT BREAK

The fear I have with electronic systems controlling so many functions of the car is that they are prone to fail or "fault" more than mechanical parts would. This makes me leery of owning the car out of warranty, and makes resale poor for a car that is out of warranty, because no one else wants to own it out of warranty either. If the technology works well and is reliable, I am all for it. If it's a gadget that costs thousands to fix, then what we have is a version of a Ferrari on a smaller scale: a car no one wants to own when it has some miles on it. I think I'm going to really like the new M3 and would like to own it for many, many miles. Will that be possible without an extended warranty? It used to be....