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This actually reminds me of the Veyron. Yes I know it's fast and has amazing tech, easy to drive etc bla bla. However, if bang for buck is your issue, you can get same performance out of other cheaper cars. The other thing is looks are subjective. I find the Veyron ugly to be honest. At least in pics. I love the LF-A and I will probably like the Veyron in real-life too haha.

I actually have no problem with a Lexus badge on a car of that price. The fact is it isnt exactly a Hyundai. The car has been developed in such an amazing way and thoroughly tested over the years. Man they made the thing out of aluminium and decided it was too heavy! That V10 sounds amazing too. I think it's a great car. Wouldnt buy one, but it is still a great car even though it is more of a collector's piece at that price. Kinda like the Veyron.