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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
I wouldn't want to go near a track with a SC E46 m3. Thats just a blowup waiting to happen.

Seriously, what you need to do is go to a track. Put up your best times there. Then give your keys to an instructor and see what times they can do in the same car. Then stop thinking about all the mods you need until you can match their time.

As to the M3 debate here. I wouldn't worry about DSC. Its never been an issue at the track. Its just one of those urban legands. The SMG II would sometimes clutch in when I didn't want it to in 1st gear turns.

At to the manual M5, its about what I expected. BMW assumes if you don't want SMG then you must not care that much about performance. Seriously, people who buy one are ordering a system that known to be inferior in terms of performance.