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Originally Posted by Milehigh E90 View Post
I have many of the same concerns (plus a few nagging other issues) but mostly about the power/tran. issues. I just got the Feb 2007 Car and Drive and they did a comparo. with the M5, Audi S6 and the M.B. E63 AMG. And for the first time since I can remember a car mag really ragged on BMW. Their test M5 had the 6 speed manual transmission not the SMG and they report that with the manual trans you can NOT fully turn off DSC! So for the guy who buys the M5 with the manual trans wanting all the glorious M power, he can't really get it because the electronics manages the throttle and the brakes so that things don't get out of control. THAT SUCKS! 0-60 lap times went from 4.2 WITH SMG to 4.7 with the manual. And quarter mile times went from 12.5 @118 to 13.0 @114! A half second and 4 MPH in the quarter mile because of DSC in an M car?! THAT REALLY SUCKS!! What is BMW thinking? Skid pad and lane changes were equally effected. Basicly BMW brought a knife to a gun fight and still managed to shot themselfs in the foot! All this plus the continued hatred of iDrive placed the M5 in LAST PLACE!

So back to the M3, I've said it here before and I'll say it again, the M3 just looks too tame! I still think that BMW may have a few tricks up their sleeves on the M3. Or at least I hope so!!! We can ONLY hope that BMW realizes VERY Soon that people who buy M cars, and M3's in particular, buy them NOT for the electronics but for the go fast goodies that they've given us with past M cars! Now let's see what BMW has to say about all of this!
The inability to completely deactivate DSC is also present in the current M3 as well. I don't know if there is any appreciable difference in lap times, etc. between an e46 M3 6 sp vs SMG. From my understanding, iDrive will be an option on the upcoming M3.