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Agreed. I am not a fan of Lexus, but damn I appreciate their engineering marvel here and give them lots of credit for their hardwork and proper focus to get it right. I love the fact that Lexus went insane with the high-revving concept and made it rev to nearly 10,000 rpm in only 0.6 seconds. No BMW ever produced for the public comes close.

I know of no Ferrari that even sounds nearly as good as the LF-A. The flat plane crank V8 sounds like utter garbage when I hear in real life the sound echo off downtown walls unless it is over 7000 rpm where it begins to come together a bit. The Ferrari 599 GTB V12 sounds much better, but still not as good as the LF-A:

The only thing that sounds close to this is the Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini LP560 or the Pagani Zonda.

So what if the car is priced too high? Lexus is not stupid and did not produce this car to get lots of sales out of it. It is all about brand image and to create a halo car with a "because we can afford to" attitude and nothing more. Lexus is pricing it at $375,000 because they know all 500 will sell over 5 years. The price could be radically less if Lexus decided to produce around a 1000, but they decided to go for exclusivity. Already 35 of the total 5 year allocation in North America of 150 have been spoken for. Lexus has been hand picking the buyers itself rather than any joe blow with lots of money who can afford to buy one.

In a nutshell, for Lexus sales is the last thing they are worried about. All the people making the fuss about the price are the people who cannot even afford a car that is even 1/4 the car Lexus LF-A is.

It already has proven its pure sporting credentials through winning 24-hour races in its class and unofficially running 7:24 around the Nurburgring, which is only beaten by the Viper ACR SRT-10 that is not even a production car, but a track car without any kind of luxuries whatsoever.

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lol coming from a guy who has owned 1 rotaries... youre crazy

but this thread is so funny. "if i had to choose between a 300k ferrari and a 300k lexus, or course i would choose the lexus"

do you guys really think a person who is being asked to buy a LF-A and can afford to do one really needs to think about prices and choices? "i can only have one of these so i better make a good choice"? anyone who can afford a 599GTB or a Carrera GT can afford and probably owns multiple cars. were talking millionaires that can buy whatever they want. if you have to ask how much you cant afford it.... lol

btw i remember when pagoni came out with the zonda, konisseigg came out, gumpert made the apollo, heck even the nsx... everyone said the same shit. "why would i buy that over a ferarri???"
""A great sounding, responsive, high-revving, naturally aspirated engine is part of the DNA of a thoroughbred sports car. No two ways about it."

- Lamborghini on turbocharging

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