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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
I have a few concerns..

1. Is anyone else worried that the new E92 M3 is going to look a lot less sporty and instead even more like a luxury car?

2. I think we are all going to love the new engine and power but is anyone else worried that that the new M3 is going to have the same complicated sport systems the M6 and M5 have.

-Allow me to elaborate. The M6 and M5 are both really powerful and fast but lets say you pull up to a light or maybe just get onto an on-ramp and want to let loose a bit. Well, you have to go through a slew of programs in the computer to get the shift response you want (assuming E92 will come with SMG standard) and then you have to hit the M button to get the desired HP output you want. Yeah, it probably only takes 30sec to run through everything once you know what your doing but I want my power there all the time. I want the deciding factor of how much "sport" I want to be how far I am pressing the gas pedal down.

Well, if the M3 comes with a an optional 6spd then that solves part of the problem. I just dont like how a lot of cars are getting over teched. I just want a steering wheel, shift lever, and a gas pedal.


1. No need to worry...

2. That's not a big deal. Once you have done your preferences on the I-Drive you only have to push the M-Button on the steering wheel:


And yes, there should be a manual transmission (at least as a option)

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