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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
I am starting to really feel like I am pushing the 335 on people but if you think that around 420Hp from a tune on a 335 is not possible then you havent visited the 335 FI forum on There are already about half a dozen dynos from 335's that are pushing 330rwhp with only $1300 invested. You do the math but that is getting darn close to 400hp with only a tune.

I am not trying to push the 335 on anybody but I think the realities of its tuneability need to be recognized. Keep in mind that Vishnu is only the first of many companies to mod the 335. I can only imagine what a company like Dinan could do.


I believe you that there are some tuners getting 330 rwhp from their tuned 335's. I would think that the 335 already makes more hp than claimed, therefore the gain is not as dramatic as claimed. I would like to see a comparison; before and after. I would also assume that the new M will have more hp than claimed, so the disparity would not be that close. Unless I am mistaken, there is usually a roughly 15% loss correct?

There becomes a point where performance exponentially rises with cost. To get to 330rwhp may be easy but what does it take to get to 380 rwhp? I would think that you would have to be at least at that level to just match the M's power level. And even at that level, although a beautiful and fast car, the 335 will not likely match the M in any other catagory.