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n my mind BMWs aren't about straight line speed. It's the whole package that makes a BMW a BMW, to include acceleration, braking, and handling (just to name a few). I really don't care if some dude in a 335 can beat me off the line, because unless he's poored some serious dough into his car (and voided his warranty), I'm going to beat him at a real racetrack, that's the kind with multiple left and right corners with my stock M3.
Hey, I love my E36 M3 and I understand where you are coming from but in my mind no BMW is a poor performer at the track and the 335 is better than most. There have already been magazine reviews that have taken the 335 around the track faster than the E46 M3.

And well to be honest I drive at the track well umm a handful of times in my entire life and a 335 is going to get me around a twisty backroad or curvey on ramp as fast as an M3 could do it. The problem with breaking out track times is that those differences only exist on the track in the capable hands of experienced drivers. For the rest of us mortals the BMW tuned suspension in the 335 is going to be plenty for kind of roads most us will encounter.

I will say it again, I want an E92 M3 but only if the price is right. If the price is wrong then a tuned 335 is going to be hard to say no to!