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Originally Posted by kyotousa View Post
the thing won't take'll be able to do it with tuned ECU
which is like 1-2k...

if that's not enough.....push 335's turbo
hopefully....M3 won't be beat that easily

Alas...I hope the price won't shock me hahaha

Go with what works for you. But, really, compare apples to apples. It's fair to say (guess) that the price disparity will be about $15k +/- for an equally equipped car.

300 BHP compared to 425 ish BHP, and similar weight. The M car will also have better brakes, suspension, trans., clutch, increased coolant and oil abilities, a much more aggressive stance and a better resale; not to mention badge recognition. Shall I go on?

Lastly, there's no way a $2-3k ECU upgrade is going to yield 425 BHP. To get that kind of power you are going to have to invest much more. Remember whatever addtional HP you that you believe is lurking @ the rear wheels is also @ the M's rear wheels.