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I drove a 6sp 335i. Was impressed in some areas but not the ones that really matter. I liked the looks, interior, comfort and convenience features (cool stuff like brightening brake lights on hard braking, turn following head lamps, seat belt extender, comfort access, etc.) but did not like the sound (almost none), clutch (felt like an econobox clutch), steering, suspension etc. Car does not feel fast at all (perhaps a benefit for some). Many of these things were certainly not bad (less the clutch) they were just luxury oriented rather than sport oriented. I do like a car that can have both but the balance toward luxury is way too far for my liking.
It felt like a rocket shit compared to my E36 M3 so I dont know what your talking about (and it should be given that it is basically 1 second faster in every regard). I went over 120mph without even realizing or trying. The interior is great. The seat belt extenders need to go. The comfort access is the $hit!