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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
a "dog"? Really? When did you drive a 997 GT3 and what did you do to get the impression it was a "dog" below 6000rpm?

I love torque. Call me a torque dork. :rocks: I hope the new M3 has "enuff."

10 track weekends per year, 300 miles per track weekend... not too hard to get to 3000 track miles a year....

I owned a 2005 997 S and a 2007 997 turbo, two E46 M3's (one slightly modified the other stock). Although, I never owned or even drove a 997 GT3, I believe that I am quailfied to offer my opinion, having been fortunate enough to own these cars. From everything I've read, the GT3 actually fails to even match the torque of the 997 S below 5000rpm and on;y matches it at peak. Albiet, the hp comes on hard at 6k, but that's not a street car. Most road tests reveal that the GT3 will lose a roll on race against the 997 S. I didn't think that the 997 S had that much power, so I would think that the GT3 would feel the same (below 6K)>

Don't take me too literally, "dog" may be extreme but I'm confident that it's not a lot of fun on the street in the low to mid range rev range.