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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Here I thought it was about buying a car you wanted to own and drive. I forgot I was susposed to consult the "Cache" list to see what I am susposed to want.

I have spent a good amount of time at the track, ~3000 track miles just this year. For a street car you a wide enough power band you are not stressing the car in normal use. Pretty much any car in the 10lbs/hp range will do just fine getting you to work. When its go time I don't want some silly, heavy, high TQ drive train just because people don't know which gear the car belongs in when the driver want to accelerate.

I don't drive on the track but I still want a high revving, high hp motor, with a wide torque band for the street. Contempory sports/GT cars achieve that quite well.

What I don't want is a powerband like the one in your Lotus for street use. You track your cars and obviously track them a lot. So the Elise serves it's intended purpose very well and is a great track car with limited street use; imo.

For me, what I grossly dislike is a street performance car that can't get out of it's own way until the revs hit 5k or higher. As much as that's a blast in the right conditions, it's quite boring in most street situations. I don't know about others but I love knowing that while trolling along on whatever road that I have the torque spread to nail the throttle and propel myself with that pinned to the seat feeling. I equally want to know that my pricey whatever car has the stuff to take on and whoop my takers when the time comes. With that said, the car has to be accomplished in the other areas as well; i.e. good top end rush, handling, somewhat lightweight etc..

I would think that we feel the same way with your focus being a track oriented car. For example I love the 997 GT3, but not for the street. It's the bomb on full boogie but below 6k it's basically a dog.

I do agree that there are too many ignorant drivers out there that have the funds to buy the heavy torquey cars that are speed missiles but require no talent to drive them. What's even worse is that then they believe that because the cars are fast that they are SPORTS cars and they are TALENTED drivers.

You do a LOT of track time. It must be a blast. Congrates. The Elise must be fantastic on a closed course.