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Criticism accepted

Originally Posted by devo View Post
No disrespect intended but I' so tired of hearing/seeing all of the blah, blah, blah, nonsense regarding the M3. Just because it's on the web doesn't mean it has to be posted. A little common sense should prevail. If someone said it would have 600 hp, would you post it?
Agreed. I guess I (and I know most others here) feel so darn information starved that any little "morsel" is kind of a treat right now. Discretion is important and I have criticized others on this forum myself for posting nonsense marketing type of material. Although, like I said, I would bet against 500 hp, yet there is a new hp war and cars like the CL63 AMG are going to push the limit. BMW is behind the RS4 (in terms of the release date) but may be ahead of many of its eventual competitors. They need significant foresight to stay ahead of the pack. Therefore I believe actual dyno bhp, at the crank, is likely to be significantly more than the 400 even number floating around. Last but not least is generally a good source of information. If they posted "600 hp" I would post it here with a double dose of +