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Originally Posted by SledgeHammer View Post
Any Lexus car (even if its "better" then the E46/E92 M3) will have a hard time taking that market away from BMW. Regular BMWs are at least one level above Lexus in the "cache" category.
Here I thought it was about buying a car you wanted to own and drive. I forgot I was susposed to consult the "Cache" list to see what I am susposed to want.

Originally Posted by Devo
And who says torque is for old men. It's for street cars. Who wants a high hp low torque engine for the street. HP wins races, WTF. Go to a race track. A high hp no torque motor for the street is basically useless.
I have spent a good amount of time at the track, ~3000 track miles just this year. For a street car you a wide enough power band you are not stressing the car in normal use. Pretty much any car in the 10lbs/hp range will do just fine getting you to work. When its go time I don't want some silly, heavy, high TQ drive train just because people don't know which gear the car belongs in when the driver want to accelerate.
Manual gearboxes, the rotary dial of cars.