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Detroit Auto Show 500hp rumors...

Quoted from:

DETROIT AUTO SHOW EXCLUSIVE-The plot thickens as rumors of new Lexus IS-F and 2008 BMW M3 escalate

The problem with rumors is that they’re rumors.

Until the curtain drops, the final hand is never revealed.

But that won’t stop us because it’s all about the excitement and anticipation of finding out what COULD happen BEFORE it DOES happen.

Case in point, Lexus IS-F vs. 2008 BMW M3.

Just when everyone thinks they have it figured out there is a twist just like in a great movie.

Well, in the case of these two cars, it looks like there are TWO twists this time.

The first twist comes right after we posted yesterday’s article ‘DETROIT AUTO SHOW: New Lexus F-Car to topple next BMW M3's supremacy? New details..’.

At an un-named location inside 001’s new Lexus GS450 hybrid review car, a call comes in through the Bluetooth interface about the new IS-F.

The dialogue goes something like this…

001…this is Thornbird.

I just read your top story about the IS-F and although it’s pretty accurate, I just heard from an internal Lexus mole that the IS-F will not come out of the gate with only 380HP. Hold on to your hats because my contact says they are ready to rock the auto world in one fell swoop with an IS carrying, check this…500HP!!!

When I hear this I go silent because the rumors about the 2008 BMW M3 are that it will have just under 400HP.

I think to myself could Lexus absolutely blow BMW out of the water with this upcoming announcement by over 100HP?

It would SEEM so on the surface, but then I remember a little info tidbit we reported on a few months ago when we met personally with THE man who is in charge of ALL BMW engine decisions in Munich on our X3 trip.

Even though the wonderful German beer was flowing hard that night, 001 remembered that he said the new turbo technology allows them to get AT LEAST 100HP per liter.

So I put two and two together like any good spy would and I think to myself…If Lexus is really getting ready to announce a 500HP IS, then that means they have reliable intelligence that the next M3 has to be just under or right at 500HP!!!

WOW!!! To good to be true?

It would make sense because they both need to respond to the Audi RS4 and upcoming Mercedes CL63.

One last food for thought item…If these babies get 500HP, where does that leave the M5? Could a 600-700+HP refreshed M5 be just around the corner as well?

2007 should be an interesting year in the car wars…remember where you heard it first…!