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Originally Posted by M3_CSL_E92 View Post
a 420bhp car can infact perform better on a track than a 500bhp car so it isnīt all about the engine really, plus bmw has "German Enginering" (<-spelling?)
Yes a 420hp car can outperfom a 500hp one at the track. But to do so it needs an advantage in some area. i.e. Less weight, more grip, better handling, or better brakes.

For example my elise is 6-8 seconds faster at the track (Laguna Seca) than my M3 was. It has 190hp to 333hp, and the same power to weight. It makes up the performance in the corners and brake zones.

Where do you think the E92 will have an advantage? Please explain how you reach your position.
Manual gearboxes, the rotary dial of cars.