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first of all, Hi everybody !

just wanna say a few things,

I don´t think the M3 is meant to compete against the Vette or have i missed something ?

take an M3 or CSL, tune the engine so it has 500 bhp and you get a Vette-killer, am i right ? sorry but americans can´t make an engine with 100bhp/litre and they still haven´t figured out the thing with quality cars either...

the vette is a piece of plastic with a friggin Airplane engine glued on
that´s why it´s so fast... you will probably run out of gas in the second lap on the ring cuz of the engine....

anywayyyyy.....everybody keeps comparing the m3 with the vette and they did it with the m5 too. i wanna see bmw build a car that has the same bhp and weight as the vette