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Originally Posted by bunnn View Post
the engine is so trippy...the way it revs is so crazy...

20 years? hasn't only been a little more than 10(like 12?) since supra's production stopped? and i thought it was 9 years that they spent developing this
x 2. The engine sounds like a pure symphony being played by an orchestra in all octaves. There is no analogue rev counter today that can keep up withhow fast the revs move. It hits 0 - 9500 rpm in only 0.6 seconds.

I had already posted this in non-BMW section. LFA has been turning in 7:24 at the Nurburgring so it will be one of the fastest exotics ever.

Considering Porsche Carrera GT cost $450,000 in 2003, it is not a far stretch to see this car costs $350,000 and still Lexus loses money. The technology they use to keep the weight down is unparalleled. Lexus weaves its own carbon fiber, which is an extremely expensive process.
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