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Originally Posted by graider View Post
actually if you include race car, nothing including f1 beat the sound of a rotary. What a sound.
lol coming from a guy who has owned 1 rotaries... youre crazy

but this thread is so funny. "if i had to choose between a 300k ferrari and a 300k lexus, or course i would choose the lexus"

do you guys really think a person who is being asked to buy a LF-A and can afford to do one really needs to think about prices and choices? "i can only have one of these so i better make a good choice"? anyone who can afford a 599GTB or a Carrera GT can afford and probably owns multiple cars. were talking millionaires that can buy whatever they want. if you have to ask how much you cant afford it.... lol

btw i remember when pagoni came out with the zonda, konisseigg came out, gumpert made the apollo, heck even the nsx... everyone said the same shit. "why would i buy that over a ferarri???"
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