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Nah, I wasnt looking for an argument, I was looking for a discussion . Sorry if my tone was harsh. Obviously some people like the new look and some don't.

Actually, I *did* say the interior materials & finish were not up to E46 quality IMHO. I ALSO said I want bells & whistles in a $50,000+ car. Do I want my M3to come with an electric can opener and a shoe buffer? Of course not. Do I want it to come with fancy displays that light up like a cockpit at night? Hell ya I do. Do I want it to be lights for the sake of lights? No. Personally, I think the E46 interior lights up with just the right amount of gadgets. I'm not looking for a James Bond car, but I want my $50,000 car to LOOK like it cost $50,000. Like I would want a $1,000,000 house to look like it cost a million and not $500k.

M's have never changed the OVERALL look of the car. They've just added some styling cues. In the E46, chrome rings around the guages, M badging everywhere, M emblazzended seats, etc. But aside from those touches, it still generally LOOKED like a stock 3. It wasn't RADICALLY different.

What are you driving a M3 for, if not for the wow factor? Ok, not all of it, but its definitely part of it.

No actually, ALL pics of it that I've seen look like that. All I've figured out why. Its that sharp side crease that gives it that illusion. I've gone back and revisited E46 M3 side pics, and they also have that illusion, but to a much lesser extent, almost non noticeable because the crease is a lot softer.

Now, I probably haven't said this... but I *DO* like the overall profile of the E92's... I'm just not crazy about the details I mentioned, like the side crease and the grill / hood arangement.

I really only have ONE GRIPE about the E46s (to show you I am not a total E46 ass kisser :rocks... I was never really that big on how the dash looks like its two parts... with the upper front part sort of looking like its sitting on a shelf. The "work around" was to get a black interior so its all one color and blends in.

While an all black interior and a nav in the E92 definitely does take some of the edge off and remove some bareness:

I hope you can see in that pic there is still a lot of "bare area" in the center console. The components have several inches of filler all around them.