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E46 M3 vs 335i vs E90 M3

95% of the talk comparing E46 M3 to 335i is irrelevant.

Enough will be changed both exterior, interior and engineering ("under the hood") wise that the comparisons are almost totally irrelevant. Sure I like to chat and BS about the 335i as well, as it is the new M base chassis. It took me a long time to get used to the looks of the 335i but on the road and in person I think it is gorgeous. The tail lights at night are spectacular! The M changes will make it even better. I like the interior in the 335i quite well as well. It is still very "BMW" but loaded with lots of comfort and convenience things. Keep in mind that this will all be quite a bit different in the new M as well. Just compare E46 non M to E46 M3 interior (or 5 series M to non M) - quite a lot of changes, not even the same seats. All that being said I don't like the way the 335i drives. I know it is fast but it does not feel fast and the clutch, steering and suspension are nowhere close to E46 M3.

For the naysayers: You do know that if you go BWM and non M, the first M3 you see in person, at a dealer or or on the road (probably in a magazine as well) you will be in full on regret mode.... I'm just warning you...

-If I thought the 335i or new M3 will have a "Toyota" interior I would not be happy about that nor excited about the car. I don't. I like elegance, functionality and most importantly a driving/diver oriented interior. I think BMW has always delivered on this.
-Your "home" comments are not particularly relevant. You did not say the fit, finish and materials are not up to par in the 335. You said specifically you want "bells and whistles". To me (and I think to most) "bells and whistles" has a negative connotation, not a positive one. Sort of like gadgets with not much real purpose, just for the "wow" value. Maybe I am just misunderstanding your language only, not your intent?
-3D perspective: I do see what you mean in the second tiny photo. I only looked at the big one when I replied. I'm sure you have found side photos where this does not appear to be that case?
-Obviosuly I have nothing to do with the design team. Everyone here seems pretty open to discussion IMO. I guess the tone of your post just really sounded like you were looking for an argument and I guess there is a fine line between discussion and argument. As I always say to each their own on taste/aesthetics. Cheers.