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Hehe... as a matter of fact, I sat in a E92 335i coupe YESTERDAY at the dealership along with my dad. Then I took him over to a used E46 M3 (without saying a word) and we sat in that one. I also drove him to the dealership in my E46 325i. He commented on how the old style looked better. Although, he did say he was OK with the side creases and the new hood / grill configuration on both the E92 sedan and coupe. His main comment was that the interior on the new cars looked very plain / bare, while the E46's dash / center console almost make it look like an airplane cockpit. One other comment he had was that he wasnít crazy about the hood / front fascia on the E46 M3 because it was too radical / aggressive for him (heís in his 60s), but said he could see how a younger crowd would like the look.

That being said... I am *NOT* against change... as a matter of fact, I thought EVERY SINGLE GENERATION of BMWs looked superior to their predecessors in so many ways... UP TIL THE CURRENT generation.

That being said #2Ö I *WILL* totally agree with your statement that the body on the E46 is starting to look a bit dated, but I *LOVE* the front end of the E46 M3. From the spyshots Iíve seen, the E92 M3s front end is OK, but it looks more factory vs. the body kit look of the E46.

I dunno, maybe you prefer the factory look better .

Now again, Iím not talking about any underlying technology, handling, horsepower, etc. My complaints were strictly styling elements. Iíve never been a fan of the harsh side creases.

I donít know what Iíll end up getting, because I havenít been able to find an E46 M3 thatís configed how I want and not totally trashed. So maybe when I see the real E92 M3 Iíll change my mind, but looking at the 5, 6 and 7 series, its clear where the E92 M3 is headedÖ at least in my mind.