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Originally Posted by SledgeHammer View Post
I wasn't talking about the technology underneath AT ALL. I know there is more to an M3 then styling. I'm not stupid enough to pay twice the money for a car just because it has M3 sill plates .

I also know the M3 has always been based on the 3 series. I was talking about the overall styling which is not only common to the 3 series, but to the entire "redesigned" line.

You are the one with the problem if you are cool with a toyota interior in a $50,000 car. Bells and whistles is *EXACTLY* what I expect. If you bought a $1,000,000 house, you wouldn't expect it to be head and shoulders above a $500,000 house finish quality wise? You be cool with vinyl floors and white ceramic subway tile in your $1,000,000 house? I'll of course assume its a house and not a Formula One house to cover your next argument...

As for your "3d perspective" argument... check the second smaller picture, guy, "3d perspective" doesn't apply to straight on profile shots. I never said it HAS smaller wheels in the back, I said it LOOKS like it does... and other people have said the same.

Sorry, I thought this was a discussion forum. You'd think you were on the design team or something.

First of all, I respect your decision to go for an E46. I love mine, that's for sure, and even though I put my deposit for the new one down over a year ago; I had doubts when I saw first spy shots.
I was sad when I saw the E90 dash, because I don't like it very much. I wish the layout was still towards the driver, and overall it would not look like a luxurious 5, but rather have that "sporty" feel for an E46. Having said that, I have test driven the E90 330I and the E92 335i, and the longer I was in these cars, the more I changed my mind.

With Navigation System it looks A LOT better than without, but also looks more futuristic than the E46. Details are of higher quality, and I started enjoying the way it is. The dashes went from 4 to 2; so what?! It's a change, which you will get used to, and so many companies went that way with their cars. I am not talking about Toyota, but upper class brands.

My adivce to you is also go to BMW and look at the real car, not pictures and you will see your argument for a smaller looking rear wheel is completely irrelevant. I also disagree that the new E92 looks harsh, I like the front a lot more than the E90 and it certainly looks smooth and very nice. Without a doubt, the E46 M3 is great, but it won't be close to the E92....

Believe what you want, but for me I can imagine the first time I see an E92 M3 in my E46; I just wanna trade.

I find it also sad that you do not seem to enjoy change in design. The lines on the E92 are an improvement, the E46 is starting to look outdated. Look at the way the front bumper is put on...

Of course do what you want, just dont be disappointed when you see the E92 M3 the first time --- I would be