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I wasn't talking about the technology underneath AT ALL. I know there is more to an M3 then styling. I'm not stupid enough to pay twice the money for a car just because it has M3 sill plates .

I also know the M3 has always been based on the 3 series. I was talking about the overall styling which is not only common to the 3 series, but to the entire "redesigned" line.

You are the one with the problem if you are cool with a toyota interior in a $50,000 car. Bells and whistles is *EXACTLY* what I expect. If you bought a $1,000,000 house, you wouldn't expect it to be head and shoulders above a $500,000 house finish quality wise? You be cool with vinyl floors and white ceramic subway tile in your $1,000,000 house? I'll of course assume its a house and not a Formula One house to cover your next argument...

As for your "3d perspective" argument... check the second smaller picture, guy, "3d perspective" doesn't apply to straight on profile shots. I never said it HAS smaller wheels in the back, I said it LOOKS like it does... and other people have said the same.

Sorry, I thought this was a discussion forum. You'd think you were on the design team or something.