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Thumbs down You must be looking for an argument?

Well, I think ROAD EAGLE summed up a contrary opinion to yours quite well in very general terms. Even though I kind of think your attitude does not deserve a response I am a bit bored waiting for more official news so I guess I will reply, point by point.

This forum in particular is quite good about not reposting old information. Heck I have even been guilty of posting something old once or twice myself. Folks politely correct you and then it moves on. The reason this forum is THE place to go is because it has the most information and the most up to date information. If it does not suit you go elsewhere to rant about the holy E46.

1. What body style do you expect the M3 to have, something that is NOT based on the current 3 series? The M3 has always been this way and always will. It is distinguinshed not only by a major change in looks but also by all the major subsystems in a vehicle that contribute to performance. If you are not aware of the breadth and depth of differences that transform a 3 series into a M3 that is only your own fault.

2. If you think an E46 M3 is more “rich-ly” appointed than an M6, you must be high. Have you sat in one? I am actually a huge E46 fan but come on, who are you kidding?

a. “Harsh lines”: Man you have got it completely backwards if you had to compare E90 vs E46 (M or not) harsh would go on E46 and smooth and flowing on E90. Again a matter of personal preference as to which one you prefer but not much of an argument about the basic terms to apply to each.

b. Grill: This is a constant but evolving design feature of BMW. Again, to each their own, but I enjoy how each series and generation gets a small tweak to a very hallmark design feature. The grill is constantly changing, in many ways, but it is always perfectly BMW.

Interior: If you actually want busy with lots of buttons and lights, “bells and whistles” as you say, just because you paid $XXX for a car you have a problem . It was Le Corbusier who said, “It seems justified to affirm: the more cultivated a person becomes, the more decoration disappears.”

I guess last but not least if you have not understood the issue of 3D perspective in the world or in pictures of the real world then you’ll just have to go on thinking that BWM uses smaller rear wheels than fronts.