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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Well it is all speculation but the consensus of speculation places the base between 55-60. I seriously doubt the base will get into the 60s.
The base price will depend on how much standard equipment they include. The E46 M3 comes as sort of a "stripper" (no xenon head lights, no HK stereo, no power seats, no sunroof, etc.) and keeps the base price at $49,375 delivered.
This is a good thing because it allows folks to keep the heavy features off the car if they so desire (power seats, sunroof, amps for better stereo, etc.)

We all have to join hands and pray that they will do the same thing on the E90 M3 for the sake of weight and pricing. It looks unlikely since the 335i already comes standard with sunroof, 13 speaker high powered sound, and dual power seats, but hopefully BMW will recognize the need to keep the M3 light for true enthusiasts. Either that or IMPORT THE CSL (anyone from BMW reading this?? )

I'm gonna guess it will come with the sunroof as standard (for crashworthiness, long story covered in another thread) and xenons, but they will make the power seats and sound packages optional. Given this, I think a $55-58K base price is reasonable. Add on the options that the RS4 comes with standard and it should bring the price into the low $60s, undercutting the RS4 by a couple grand.