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Originally Posted by m_bazeepaymon View Post
so wait.. how does ED work?
There's lots of threads about this but it basiclly works like this:
1. Buy the car from the BMW dealer of your choice
2. Tell the dealer you want ED.
3. On MOST BMW's you get a discount to pick it up in Germany. On M cars there IS NO discount!
4. Confirmation comes to the dealer that the car is being built. Pay for the car at the dealer (cash, lease or finance).
5. Leave for Germany, pick up car, drive the FU*K out of the car (but with in both the legal limits and the break-in limits).
6. Part of ED includes 2 weeks of insurance and the temp plate for the car.
7. Drop off car at one of something like 6-10 different drop off locations. BMW ships the car to the states. It then goes through the normal delivery process.
8. Car is delivered to the dealer they do thier prep and you pick it up.
9. Repeat the last part of step number 5!!

There's more to it than that but that's the basic deal.
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