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quick updates on new M3.. i talked to two of my dealerships - production in June

Ok... BMW Irvine said deposits will be entered int eh system at march (so we will finally see the prices on the new M with options etc.) so we will officilaly be #1.. #2 or w.e # we are.. just make sure you grab the paperwork at march or they can screw u over (this refers to the people who had really bad experiences at dealerships). And Bob Smith BMW said the same thing about the deposit system... But one thing that was slightly different is that Irvine said May is when production starts... and Bob smith said June. They said it will be all over the place in September. but usually they show the car months before so i am guessing Geneva Autoshow?

And i dont want to get all brain twisting but i did read that thread regarding the M will show at the frankfurt auto show... That is the Cabrolet i am guessing and the Coupe will be at the Geneva.. *i am using logic so this is an opinion.* I hope I helped any1 srry my 1st big post if its all clustered don't flame me lol.