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Originally Posted by onehungevo View Post
How much do the 07' gt500's weigh? I've seen a few for low thirties and they have 100 more horsepower.
The GT500 weighs 3900+ lbs, partly becasue the supercharged 5.4 iron block engine weighs over 700 lbs (about the same as the old 428 and 429 big blocks of the '60s). The new DOHC 5.0 weighs a mere 430 lbs, which should keep the new GT in the 3600 lbs range.

For those reading this that are discounting the SLA rear end, it works VERY good for both road racing and drag racing. it skitters less on bumpy roads around here in baltimore than even my 7 series does. Ride is excellent and so is grip. Get over it and drive one.
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