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I don't plan on making the new M3 my track car, although it might see the track a few times. IMO, it's just too heavy and would need too much $$ to get it to the point where it is a viable track car. The best kind of track car is one that's stripped out with a cage, and expendable IMO. A brand new E92 M3 is not even close to that, unless you're a huge BMW fan and not willing to drive anything else on the track, and willing to spend the $$ to convert it. There are a lot better weekend track toys for the $$. Or even street/track toys like the Elise (that's what I'm currently tracking too, enigma ) The best track BMW is one of those factory-built race cars -- those are awesome! I've seen a used E46 model sell for something in the 40's...

Thanks for all the great info.