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Originally Posted by M3ichael View Post
What would your recommend for the E46 ///M3? Daily driver, some track time, and autocross. Any recommendations for the install?
No offence, but honestly, if you have to ask, stick to the mid range stuff. For half the price of the Moton clubsports, I highly recommend TCK's SA or DA coilovers. Great products, great service. They can accurately tell you how to dial them for your needs, very helpful for beginners. I've had them on 2 cars, both worked wonders for street/DE/autox. Personally, I'd stay away from Ground Control, their RMS reinforce plates bent like butterflies on my car, and I always hear problems with their Koni shocks (the TCK coilovers are also Koni-based, but I've never heard anything bad).

Even if it wasn't for the price, you'd still learn and get more from the mid range stuff. If you go straight for the high end stuff, chances are you won't appreciate them as much as you should. Plus, you ain't getting anything special out of the Motons with street level springs, which are what you want if the car is your DD.

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you know, the thing is, knowing nick325 autox'd the hell out of the car....
If we are talking about the same Nick (blue M3, white 323 race car), he really, really hates his dual-purpose M3 now.