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Originally Posted by M3ichael View Post
What would your recommend for the E46 ///M3? Daily driver, some track time, and autocross. Any recommendations for the install?

I thought your not the mechanical kind of guy. You know your stuff about suspension though.

you know, the thing is, knowing nick325 autox'd the hell out of the of the things i would make sure of would be shock travel, spring bind......once shock hits stops, or the spring binds on're putting direct pressure the the diff mounts....something's got to give.

man it really depends, class you want to run, for fun? for comp? tires? at the autox, leaving all things stock lets say...except for brake pads, you'll really benefit with a stickier tire.....all things staying stock, and assuming only one change per item so to speak..

iow, coilovers only (nothing else)
sways only (nothing else)
tires/wheels only (nothing else)
horsepower (nothing else)

you'll benefit the most, from tires/wheels.

and brake pads...assuming you're talking autox...simply because you'll chew up the oem's quickly..