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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
It's cool to see some track guys here.

Sheet, 10,000 track miles?! I wish I could be that hardcore, I'd be at the track every weekend if I could, but don't have the money, or time... as I am still just a "working stiff."

Anyhow, for those who tracked their E46 M3's, how reliable was it and are there any common weak points on the car when driven hard?
brake cooling is a must if running stock setup...however, with pads,rotors,cooling plates, stainless lines.....the stock system was able to endure a 2 hour enduro last season...not my car, DoubleD's...

the usual wear items...front bearings...obviously the rear control arm bushings...but those can be upgrade with a sawzall and a 3 arm clamp..

you know, the rear subframe has been brought up, however, im having this theory that it may be caused by either coilbind, or riding bumpstop under compression.....just an idea, no way to confirm it, but it seems that over time the one familiar item has either been aftermarket suspension, and ride height....of course measuring shock travel is a must with a zip tie.....but i just have this strange feeling...

water wetter, brake fluid, std items really....i mean std. maintenance/preventative maintenance...

i have smg, and its been good to go from the start.....only thing i'd really do is obviously change out tranny and diff fluids to something a lil more stout, although the new tranny fluid is some good stuff.......change out the clutch whenever its time to something a lil more beefy.....

you know, its really not that hard on the system at the track....with 4.10, most circuits you'll be 3rd/4th/sometimes5th.....but really, that's pretty much've been to the track, you know what i mean...

the diffy hates u turns, and the tranny hates the drag starts.....taking care of it on the street really will carry over to the track..