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JRZ makes some great stuff also. Ohlin seems to vary a lot, again its a case of their low end vs high end.

I guess the way I would look at it is this. If you don't know what handling issue you are fixing and what in the current suspension is causing it then I wouldn't even think about spending the money for the high end shocks like we are talking about here.

My 6 month dial in process on the Nitrons was an exercise in comedy. It went something like this.

1: Install parts, guess at settings.
2: Whoa, that a lot of wheel hop. adjust knobs
3: Hmm, amazing power on understeer. Adjust knobs
4: Still understeering and added snap oversteer, doh...
5: Look at pics of car in turns, doh... adjust rideheight.
6: Go out and spin 4 times in the first 3 autocross runs testing the change, adjust.
7: Back to track, some more minor tweaks.
8: Happiness
9: ???
10: Profit
Manual gearboxes, the rotary dial of cars.