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A real pro will tell you to buy what you need instead of what's best. For 95% of the people on these forums, even the Moton Clubsports are a major overkill.

While I don't doubt the quality of Moton products, I wouldn't simply go out and say they make *the* best stuff. Sure, for 3 grand, the Moton Clubsports are probably the best out of the box suspension money can buy. They are a no brainer, but only in the $3-4k segment. Just like anything else on a serious track car or a club race car, nothing is too much in the high end suspension world. If money is no problem, you can get equal or greater results from other specialists like JRZ or Ohlin. The choices are unlimited, because everything can be customized. At that point, everything is relative, what works for you best may not work for others.