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Originally Posted by Mikeobello View Post
no translation problems. where do you read i agree with you? i agree with jussi. and to the rest: theories! we dont know, we will see. you say there will be no ways the new m3 will beat the z06 in nordschleife and i say, i wouldnt bet, there is nothing more to it. we will see, time will tell, with or without our theories
Unless BMW gives the M-3 the north side of 450 hp and lose about 300 lbs. of it's projected weight... it won't be dethroning the vette at the track. The Z06 may be a cheap piece of unrefined plastic housing an equally barbaric engine, but it's still a very fast car, whose track times are astonishing.

There's brand loyalty and there a failure to listen to the rationale. With that said, I'd still buy the M, of course.