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Originally Posted by NYSPEM3 View Post
Definitely get a lawyer involved. NOT to file a suit but to have him issuing a letter and THREATENING litigation unless immediate response is provided. That would not cost much and would light a fire in their @$$.
Any not-so-braindead person would try their very best to avoid a lawsuit. No one wins except lawyers.
Totally disagree! And I am a lawyer Threatening anything is the least likely way to get the other party to take the steps you desire. That's not law that's just an understanding of human nature. Furthermore, one should not threaten actions that one is not willing to take; once exposed as a bluff you've lost all credibility. Threatening litigation should be a very last resort and even then it is unlikely to succeed.

A lawyer is sometimes useful as a mediator because he or she can firmly negotiate without the counter-productive anger and emotion that the aggrieved party may bring to the discussions but as previously said, too expensive in this case. You can take the role yourself, as it seems you already have, just be firm, cool, polite AND relentless and I think you will do alright. Keep us posted